Welcome to all writers and potential authors

Since 2009, TecnoTur LLC has helped authors with various aspects of their books, from production, publication, mass distribution, marketing and promotion:

From the ergonomics of your environment, type of computer-keyboard and the best programs, we teach you everything you probably never imagined.

From grammar and spelling to suggestions to improve writing, count on TecnoTur. We even help you make your work more comprehensive throughout the world, making it universally understood without losing local taste, if that is important for your particular project.

The best internal design, from the typography, style of the beginning of each chapter, inclusion of your legal page and even the prevention of “orphans and widows”, we handle everything to your liking.

In order to market your book widely, it is essential that your work have its own independent ISBN number. We help you to get the right one for each version and edition of your book. For our publishing services clients, we even offer it with a 50% discount over the official price in the United States.

Amazon is very important, but it isn’t the only platform that you should consider in the long term. We help you to have the best strategy so that your work (electronic, printed and audiobook) has the greatest success in the short and long term.

In recent years, audiobooks have experienced a great boom. Either with your own voice or a professional voiceover talent, we recommend whatever is appropriate, from your own team or in a studio/talent that we recommend.

We clarify and help you to create:

  • A rectangular cover for the ebook
  • A square cover for the audiobook
  • A CSB (cover-spine-backcover) for the printed book

Your work should have a unique domain to promote it better and give it the best chance of being seen. In the short term, we direct buyers to the Amazon page of your book closest to the buyer who enters it, based on their geographical location, to see the prices in their local currency with a single click to buy. In other words, the potential buyer enters YourBook.com and gets to see it instantly on Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, Amazon.com.mx, Amazon.es, Amazon.co.uk or another region. Then, we offer you a mini website for direct sales through your own online bookstore, where you will receive a higher royalty, payment in a matter of three days (instead of 90) and even the buyer’s email.

Of course, below the direct sale button, there will be links to your book available in other bookstores, from Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and more as they become listed there.

Allan Tépper of TecnoTur has helped many people like you to go through this process, along with his associates who are graphic designers and voiceover talent. He himself has published 13 titles to date.