Accented domains

(or with ñ or diaeresis/tréma/umlaut)

If you want to purchase an accented domain (i.e. AllanTé or Laconspiració, it’s always best to acquire the pair of the versions of the same domain with and without any accent mark or with and without the ñ or diaeresis/tréma/umlaut (i.e. Mayagüez, nicaragüense, pingüino). That’s why we have the pairs (without any accent mark) & AllanTé (with the accent mark) as well as the pairs (without ñ) and DanielAbruñ (with ñ), (without any accent mark) and FaguaLó (with accent mark) and then (without any accent mark) & Laconspiració (with accent mark). The non-accented one should be forwarded to the accented one. That way, like magic, when the people enter it without the accent mark, the desired version pops up in their browser instantly. At TecnoTur, we offer popular domain extensions with the following prices:

  • .com for US$18 per domain per year (US$36 for the pair)
  • .net for US$18 per domain per year (US$36 for the pair)
  • .soy for US$33 per domain per year (US$66 for the pair)

You may order a minimum of (1) year and a maximum of ten(10) years. Feel free to request any other type of accented domain pair except for .tv or .us. Sadly, .us domains are not available accented as of yet and .tv brings a problem.

Please fill out the following form with the information of the accented domain you would like to acquire. Once we receive your information, we’ll check availability. If available, within a maximum of 36 hours (probably much less), we’ll send you an invoice so you can pay us for the domains.

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